Original Hairmax accessories compatible with Hairmax laser devices and Hairmax Hair Fibers. Lasercombs Ultima 9 & Ultima 12, as well as Laserband Laserband82 have exchangeable hair-separating teeth which allows more people to use a singular device. This is applicable to both private clients and clients of doctors' offices, beauty salons and hairdressing salons. To make using the Laserband82 even more convenient, the exchangeable teeth come in three lengths: short, medium & long, which allows you to adjust the device to your head perfectly. The standard Laserband82 kit comes with medium length hair-separating teeth.

Thanks to the Hair Fiber Applicator, using Hairmax Hair Fibers becomes easy and convenient - without any fallout.

Every laser device comes with a charger but in case yours gets lost or damaged, you can purchase a new one.