Advantages of HAIRMAX® devices affecting optimal results

HairMax® LaserBand

It is a laser light hands-free device designed to treat hair loss, and promote hair.

Users of HairMax devices have experienced the next benefits: prevention of hair loss, thickness and fullness of hair in self-assessment, improvement of hair loss condition and the most important new hair growth.

The LaserBand provides the equivalent of 246 (82×3) lasers per treatment session, when used in three areas on the scalp (front, middle and back). HairMax® lasers are the most clinically proven laser devices for hair growth on the market.


HairMax® has conducted seven clinical studies including prestigious U.S. universities with 460 men and women with androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness). Over 90 percent of subjects experienced hair growth. That showed that the results are predictable and consistent. Further, there were never any harmful side effects in any subjects, while using any of HairMax® devices.

Results from HairMax® clinical studies and other studies were published in six peer-reviewed medical journal articles. Almost all other laser devices on the market for treating hair loss have no published peer reviewed articles.

HairMax® has been granted seven FDA 510(k) clearances for men and women, more than any other device on the market.

Close to 1 million men and women have purchased the HairMax® laser devices around the world

HairMax® offers world class customer service

HairMax® is backed with five-month money-back customer satisfaction guarantee giving you time to judge results.

HairMax® revolutionized the treatment of hair loss and continues to innovate and develop state of the art hair growth products. We are the first company in the world to offer a LLLT device for home use, with the introduction of HairMax® laser devices in 2001.


When using Low Level Laser Light Therapy to treat your hair loss it is important that the laser energy is evenly distributed over the scalp for the most effective treatment. The images below compare how the HairMax LaserBand, with curved design and evenly placed lasers deliver light energy in a uniform fashion compared with other hands-free devices.

Other Devices


In other hands free, top of head devices, laser light is delivered unevenly with less consistent coverage. The follicles will not be receiving laser light energy uniformly and are left untreated.

The HairMax LaserBand delivers laser light evenly over your scalp in a uniform way. This allows even distribution of the laser light to every inch of your scalp for optimal results.

A very important feature, exclusive to all Hairmax® laser devices are the patented hair parting teeth mechanism. Hair is designed by nature as a photo protectant, it’s purpose is to help block sunlight from the scalp. The “teeth” on HairMax® lasers part the hair to help deliver the maximum amount of light energy to the follicles for optimal results. With other devices, laser light can be blocked by the hair for a less effective treatment.

This chart below provides a comparison of the Hairmax® LaserBand with other devices on the market.

The Hairmax® advantages

Technologi LLOYD

LaserBand 82TheradomeIgrowCapilus&lasercap
Medical grade laser modules 828021272
Effective laser coverage 2468021272
Pricing 3690 4999 3900 12000
Clinical studies 7020
Published peer review journals 6020
Hair parting teeth Yes Yes Yes No
Treatment Time 90 seconds 20 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes
Over the counter Yes Yes Yes No
For men Yes No Yes No
For women Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Liability insurance Yes No No No