Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment options are available to me?

We accept payments via bank transfer, by card or through popular online payment services (for example, mTransfer), as well as by installment. With our installment plan the whole process will take no more than 5 minutes! To check the installment amount, select Alior Bank or mBank calculator.

2. How do I use the various HairMax® laser devices to treat my hair loss?

The HairMax® laser devices have been designed with both comfort and convenience in mind. To turn on the LaserComb, press the power button and then the laser button on the front of the unit. Next, place the LaserComb flat on your head using the two rows of teeth. Rather than constantly moving the device through your hair (as you would with a regular brush or comb). You should use a glide method by placing the LaserComb on a specific spot on your head and gently gliding it back about 0.5-inches each time the audible four-second beep occurs. Move from the front of your hairline to the back of your head, then repeat the process moving in the opposite direction. Remember about the 4-second rule and gentle movements. The glide method is the best way to ensure that the HairMax® LaserComb will be as effective as possible.

To use the HairMax® LaserBand 82, the sequence of actions will be the same, press the power button and then the laser button on the front of the unit. The “teeth” should be very close to the scalp skin. Leave the device on the head for 30-second treatment. After 30-second interval the audible “beep” occurs to let you know when to move the device to the next section of your scalp (frontal, crown and back part of the head). After the next 30-second interval move it to the last part.

3. How often do I have to use HairMax® LaserComb i HairMax® LaserBand?

HairMax® laser device treatments only have to be used 3 times a week. The key to seeing the best results is to use the HairMax Laser Comb 3 x a week, 8-15 minutes per treatment. The LaserBand 82 only requires treatment for 90 seconds, or 3 minutes.

4. Can the HairMax® laser devices be used every day instead of every other day to get the fastest results?

According to the clinical studies the HairMax® laser devices when used 3 times a week will provide optimal results. Using them every day will not increase benefit.

5. What are the differences in the various models of the HairMax® laser devices?

The only difference is in the amounts of lasers. The effectiveness of their work is the same, since each of them uses LLLT technology. The more lasers the shorter the treatment time.

6. How long does it take to see results for treatment with the HairMax® laser devices?

Users typically begin to see results after 8 weeks of HairMax® treatment. The further positive results can occur beyond the 10-16-week period of time. Hair becomes stronger, fuller, thicker and healthier hair in growth. To maintain results, you have to continue using the HairMax® laser devices indefinitely on a consistent basis to continue to see positive benefits.

7. Are there any other benefits from using HairMax LaserComb or HairMax LaserBand, besides stopping hair loss processes and stimulating hair growth?

Hair becomes less greasy, and dandruff disappears. They become strong and silky. In addition, their natural color becomes more intense, and gray hair appears slower.

8. What is the shelf life of the device?

The HairMax® is a medical device manufactured under strict quality controls. The HairMax contains high quality laser diodes designed to last at least 15,000 hours The expected life of the HairMax® is 10-15 years or regular use.

9. Who is a good candidate for treatment with a HairMax laser device?

HairMax® lasers are designed for use by men and women with the problem of hair loss in various forms of alopecia and hereditary alopecia. Also recommended by experts for use after hair transplantation. The devices can be used for prophylactic purposes so that hair grows faster and is stronger.

10. When is the best time for using the HairMax® laser devices?

The HairMax laser devices should be used on a clean scalp. You can use the HairMax laser device on damp hair, and not soaking wet hair before applied hair styling products.

11. Are there any contraindications to use of the cold laser therapy?

HairMax® laser devices are not recommended for use if you are taking photosensitivity medications (for example, tetracycline). Always seek advice from a pharmacist or doctor if in doubt. Pregnant and lactating women should also avoid using lasers, as this group of people was not included in clinical trials.   It is also not recommended to use a laser comb for children.

12. How often do I have to recharge the battery in my HairMax® laser device?

It takes approximately 2-3 hours for the HairMax® device to fully charge. All HairMax® laser devices are equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and, once charged, can be used for approximately 10 hours of continuous use. When the battery requires charging, the HairMax® device will turn off and the red indicator light will start to blink.

13. What is the wavelength of the laser beam in HairMax® devices?

The devices vary in the number of laser beams, but their effectiveness is the same. Low-level laser therapy is the technology behind the HairMax® laser devices, and the wavelength is 655 nm (+/- 5 nm). The patented teeth effectively distribute hair which ensures that the maximum dose of therapeutic light reaches the scalp.