Quick Dry Pro Paddle Brush

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The HairMax Quick Dry Pro brush has been designed to meet the needs of people with hair loss. Gently combs the hair without tearing it or breaking it. The design allows air flow, which speeds up drying of the hair, and when using a dryer, it minimizes heat damage.

The HairMax Quick Dry Pro hairbrush is heat resistant, has soft, flexible teeth that gently detangle the hair without damaging it. The ventilated airflow design dries faster which means less heat damage to your hair.

  • Gentle on thinning and gentle hair
  • The rounded SoftFlex design is heat resistant and dryer safe
  • The ventilated brush design allows for quick and gentle drying of any type of hair
  • It makes it easier to detangle wet hair and makes it dry faster even without using a dryer
  • The large surface of the brush allows you to comb more hair in a shorter time
  • Comfortable, soft handle ensures comfortable use of the brush during styling
  • The flat and easy-to-clean surface of the brush allows for precise and even distribution of hair care products


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